Anonymous asked:
Hello I'm a Singaporean Indian! Love ur blog


Anonymous asked:
I absolutely love this blog so much, make sure you keep posting cause it's hilarious!! I'm Bengali/paki also but born in the US! Fav blog. :)

*blushing emoji*

Anonymous asked:
I tried to submit one and when I type it doesn't show up on the screen. Vat do I do? ;)

just submit it to us through our ask box beta x

Anonymous asked:
Hey.. Your submit link isn't working.. Check and correct it maybe? :)

fixed it!

hunkhoran asked:
hi hi, i kinda just followed your blog and it's hella relatable. and like i wanted to know if you're from indian or pakistani? xx

the world may never know x

Anonymous asked:
Are you gonna get an arranged marriage?!

only time will tell, beta.

Anonymous asked:
I'm so insulted by that there is supposably 1 hot brown guy to a 1000 hot brown girls!

sorry, not sorry.

Anonymous asked:
ur really funnny, but change your theme, the pictures not all load. love your blog though

sorry :(

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